First Week in Japan (Part 2)

Tuesday September 15

I finally got to meet the woman I had been corresponding with for months before I made it to Japan on this day. She is a very nice lady, and has helped me a great deal so far! I went to apply for a residence card, and I also went to create a new Japanese bank account. I cannot believe the amount of walking that we did this day! I’m just not used to walking quite so much. I used to walk a lot when I lived in Canada, but the city I lived in was not so small that we would be able to walk everywhere. In this city in Japan, it is a much smaller town and the bus is never taken. I became more acquainted with my school, and met some new people. There were two girls who were showing us around, and helping us with getting all our information together, and they have been so helpful and kind to us. I also signed my apartment contract and payed my landlord the money for my first month’s rent. He came to my school and since he doesn’t speak English very well, she helped to translate what he was saying. After that, we went to the supermarket, and did some shopping. The way the registers work in Japan are pretty high tech, not much talking needs to be done, because when paying it is usually done by machine. I don’t know a lot of Japanese, so it’s been helpful being able to go shopping with other people.


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