First Week in Japan

Monday September 14

I arrived at Narita Airport on Monday. Two kind Japanese people from my school picked me up. They waited for myself and another girl who had arrived before me. i was waiting for a while in the airport, and then realized they had been waiting on the other side for me. They introduced themselves, and we made our way to the van, and placed my bags in the back. We drove for about an hour and a half, to the city I’m residing in. I noticed on my drive that there was a large buddhist statue standing in the middle of fields, and was told that a buddhist temple or shrine was built near that. When we arrived at the school, they allowed us to call our parents to inform them that we arrived in Japan, and that we were okay. The girl who I was picked up with does not speak English, she only speaks Japanese. After our phone calls to our parents, they dropped the girl off in the dormitories, and then drove me to my apartment. The landlord showed me through my apartment; it is small by American standards, and had thought I had prepared myself. I am adjusting to it more and more each day. After I was shown my apartment, the two Japanese people (who I want to remain nameless) took myself and the other girl out for dinner. We went to a Udon/Soba shop near the train station. It was really good! I learned a lot of new things, and they were impressed that I could use chopsticks so well! The first day was a long one, but I felt very happy to be in Japan!


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