My First Week in Japan (Part 3)

Wednesday September 16

I had to walk to school by myself today, and I got a little bit lost, but I made it to school finally. I was a little early, and waited for everyone to arrive. After that, we walked down to one of the stores on campus, and had to sign up for insurance. When waiting for that, we were given a tour of the campus. We were shown the library, the student lounge, the English building, and some other buildings. One of the buildings on campus has really large windows, and we were told that we would be able to see the Pacific Ocean from the window. We went up to the top floor and looked through the window, and could see the ocean above the houses. It was so neat! I had to take a picture of that! After the campus tour, we went shopping at the 100 yen shop, and went shopping for cell phones, and I had to buy a wireless router. A very nice lady drove us around, I’ll call her Em. She helped us with translating, and she helped us pick up things that we needed. I bought a few things, and we got to stop off at Starbucks. The city I’m living in right now does not have a Starbucks, or any fast food really, so it was nice to be able to stop in that city. It was sort of cloudy that day, and Em offered to give me a ride home after we got back to the school at around 5. That was a really fun day!


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