Lending a Helping Hand

I’ve met some new people, and made a couple new friends today. It was a nice day, and I had a new class today as well. I like my teacher in that class. She seems really nice. The people at this school have been so kind and accepting of me, I feel like they really care about me. I had a class during 3rd period, and the students in that class have to speak English. I realized how easily English can come to me, and how much work it does take to speak a language correctly. The students in my class are mostly Japanese, and a lot of them were having trouble speaking English, but they were all so dedicated to it that it made me happy to see them try! I always try to be as helpful as possible. After school, I went to a supermarket to buy a few things. I went with a girl who is from (I believe) Russia, and a girl who is an exchange student from Vietnam. The girl from Russia speaks very little English, but she can understand it better when people talk to her, rather than when she talks to them. The girl from Vietnam speaks English very well, so she was almost like a translator for us! We went to do some shopping. This supermarket is close to our school, and then we went to another store beside it. I had run out of money, and wanted to buy a few things, so the girl from Vietnam offered to pay for me. She said she does that with her friends. It felt nice that she would do that for me, and I kept asking her if that was okay. She didn’t mind at all! This is just one of the many ways that the people here in Japan have helped me. She then offered to walk me home because I was unsure of how to get home from where we were, which I thought was really sweet of her to do.


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