The Other Side of the Pacific Ocean

I ventured down to the Pacific Ocean today after being told by many that I lived really close. It is hard to find accessible Wi-Fi in Japan because most networks are locked. (Oh, the luxuries we take for granted in Canada, sometimes!) Since I haven’t got a clue where I am most times, I decided to look up the route to the ocean on my phone’s GPS. I left my apartment, took some deep breaths, and prayed that I wouldn’t get lost!

I was nervous at first because the streets here are much narrower, and they don’t really have names. It is much more difficult for people to navigate here, as people usually get around by mentioning certain buildings or main roads! I think it may also help if one can, you know, speak/read Japanese. Fortunately, the ocean is only about a ten minute walk from where I live! I feel very lucky to be able to see this beautiful water up close!! Especially this side of the Pacific Ocean.

I can now cross that off my bucket list!!

See the western side of the Pacific Ocean, up close and personal!!


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