(HUGE!!) Japanese Cockroaches

I may just die of a heart attack while I’m studying here in Japan! I just had my first experience with killing a cockroach, and it was huge! I had previously seen cockroaches while my family and I visited Jamaica, but I wasn’t the one who had to kill them that time! And, I have not visited Jamaica in about 15 years! I was about to make myself some food and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I looked in the general direction, that was when my blood ran cold!


I noticed a HUGE cockroach taking it upon himself to come into my home, and he thought it would be a good idea to sit near my fridge! There were a million thoughts that ran through my mind, and as I quickly racked my brain on what to do next I decided to grab a small garbage pail and try to trap him! Little did I know this was a bad idea! So, I grabbed my tiny garbage pail and slowly tried to sneak up on this cockroach, but he noticed me and started to run towards me! I screamed, dropped the bucket, and hopped onto my bed for my dear life!! After I picked myself up off the bed from crying I noticed he had run underneath my bed. So I grabbed a shoe and moved my bed out from the wall. He was stuck in the corner. I took many deep weeping breaths and tried to hit him with my shoe! I thought I had got him, but he started to climb up my wall!! So I had to hit him off the wall, and I hit him with my shoe. He was slightly flattened, but I thought he was dead. So I congratulated myself, and sat back down on my bed trying to come up with ideas on how I would pick him up now. I went back to the corner of my wall, and noticed he had moved. So I found him again, and hit him with my shoe another 6 or 7 times just to be sure he was dead. (I found out this is why people don’t normally put their beds up against the walls in Japanese homes. Cockroaches are common here because the houses are made differently than in North America.) I have encountered a couple more cockroaches since this incident, but they weren’t nearly as bad. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with any for a while because the weather here is getting cooler, and they don’t like the cold so much. I don’t like bugs, so this was quite a daunting experience!


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