Hitachi Seaside Park

I took the train (by myself for the first time!) to get to a place called Katsuta, and then we took a bus to Hitachi Seaside Park. This place was BEAUTIFUL!! First, we walked over to the field of Kokias (the red plants in these pictures).

Then we walked to the Pacific Ocean, and saw a glass house. This was made into a restaurant.

After sitting inside the glass house, we walked over to a little amusement park and decided to ride a few rides. The one I was most nervous about was the ferris wheel because I am terrified of heights!

One thing I noticed is there are a lot of dragonflies in Japan! I see them everywhere, but haven’t noticed many where I live in Canada. You’ll notice that in the photo with the Kokias there are a lot of dragonflies flying around!

That concluded our adventures for that day, and I didn’t get home until about 10pm. I very proudly took the train home by myself, even though it was in Japanese. I got a little nervous about missing my stop but I was able to manage on my own!

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