Tokyo Disney Resort (Disneyland!!!!)

Oh, was it an early day today. I don’t know what on Earth possesses people to get up so early! I had to wake up at 5am to get on the 6:30am train. It took us about 4 hours to get to Disneyland, so arrived around 10:30am. I was glad to be with my friends because we had to take 4 trains to get there.

The trains we took to get there resemble subways in Canada, so I just call them subways above ground! Anyway, to say I was a little excited about disney is an understatement!!

This is the first view we saw upon arriving at Tokyo Disney Resort. We walked for what felt like hours to the front gates. I think it was only about ten minutes, but the little kid in me was jumping up and down! We picked up maps for the park which were in both Japanese and English.

We got to meet Tigger and Eeyore, and we took our photos with them. There were park attendants following the characters around helping to take photos for everyone. Mickey Mouse waved at us, but the lineup to meet him was closed so we weren’t able to do that.

We walked through a pathway that led us to the rest of the park. We saw this statue upon entering which is Walt Disney in front of the famed Cinderella castle. There were a lot of souvenir shops, and Halloween themed places. The first ride we decided to go on was Pirates of the Caribbean (obviously, since it is one of my favourite Disney movies.) I tried to take some photos while inside, but it was too dark. Sadly, the Jack Sparrow at the end did not turn out because the boat started moving as I took the photo of him. Overall, it was interesting to see the different scenes that were made into the movie!!

Obviously this was the first ride I went on at Disneyland. One of my favourite movies.

Below is a piece of Aztec gold I “stole” from the Pirates!

After this we got tickets for a ride called Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which is a rollercoaster on the mountain. We had to wait about an hour for the ride, so we decided to grab some lunch and went to other rides while we waited.

After lunch we went to Snow White’s Wishing Well and rode a ride called Snow White’s Adventure.

After Snow White’s Adventure we walked over to It’s A Small World. We passed the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (restaurant) from Alice in Wonderland.

After the It’s A Small World ride, we went back to Big Thunder Mountain. We had received a fast pass, so we didn’t have to wait in line for very long. Then we decided to venture through Cinderella’s Castle.

Cinderella’s Castle (walkthrough) – We waited for about a half hour in line, and then we walked through Cinderella’s castle. The last room was beautiful! There was a glass slipper that people could try on, and take photos around it. The room also had a beautiful chandelier and a throne that people could sit on.

After that we went to wait in line for the Monsters Inc. ride. This line was really long, and it started to get cooler as the day was beginning to get darker. The sun usually sets around 5pm in Japan. The Monsters Inc. ride was a searching game where you had to find Monster hats in the dark, and shine your flashlight on them. This ride was a lot of fun, but the waiting time was almost 1 1/2 hours long! The next ride we decided to go on was Space Mountain, which was pretty scary. I have a fear of the dark, so for me this ride was a lot funner than I had expected it to be! You can’t see a thing when you’re on this ride and it swerves back and forth which was unsettling!! I have a fear of the dark, so this ride was a little scary.


After Space Mountain, we went on Big Thunder Mountain one last time because we had tickets from the previous ride. It was starting to get late after this, so we decided to get some food. After the food, we only had a small amount of time left until we had to catch our train back, so we decided to look through some of the shops as you first walk into the park.

All in all, this was a very fun day, and I felt very fortunate to get the opportunity to go to Disneyland. I had never been to Disney before, so this was a dream come true for me! I finally made it home around midnight, and I went straight to bed!

There is a light show and parade that happens at night, but we had to make the train home so we weren’t able to stay for the whole thing. All the floats in the parade are lit up with lights, and Cinderella’s castle is lit up as well!




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