Japanese Toilets (Oh, The Horror!!)

Golden rule for Japanese bathrooms?? Bring a handkerchief!! (I’ll discuss that below…)

When I first arrived in Japan this was my first experience of a Japanese bathroom. The first toilet I saw was the traditional Japanese style in the top left.  I had never heard of them or seen them before, but they are fairly common in the places I have been to here. Usually a Western style toilet is marked, to allow easy access for people who are not familiar or comfortable with using Japanese style toilets. It is interesting to note that these toilets go from Japanese style to high-tech Western style.

The next set of photos are taken inside of my school’s washroom.

The first is of the handle of the high-tech Western style toilet. Another interesting feature of this toilet is that the seats are normally heated, so a nice surprise when you sit down! This particular bathroom has three Western style toilets, and the rest are the traditional Japanese style.

Another interesting thing to note is that all bathroom doors and garbages in buildings are normally all open! There are no bathroom doors when coming into one, so it can feel a little too open. It has taken me a little bit of getting used to because it almost feels as if there is no privacy since people can hear everything. But if you are self-conscious of being heard, you can play some music while you go! Problem solved!!! (I think…)

Oh, and another thing! Bring a handkerchief or small towel!! It is not common for Japanese bathrooms to have paper-towels or hand dryers. I had to resort to drying my hands on my pants whenever I went places for the first week I was living in Japan!!

Just a little cultural knowledge of something I never thought I would find so fascinating when coming here!



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