Slurp your noodles!!!

I have visited this restaurant a couple times since I arrived in Japan. I came here on my first night when the people who picked us up from the school invited us out to dinner! It was nice eating here, but I was very tired because of the 10 hour flight and the time difference! The restaurant is usually very quiet, and the staff has been extremely helpful! The menus are only in Japanese, but there are large photos which makes it easier to choose something!

In a couple of the photos you can see that people can sit on the floor while eating their food. I have seen this many times here.

Another thing I have noted is that Japanese restaurants are not lenient when it comes to substituting food. The people I have talked to, and the restaurants I have been to, this is not done. I am not a picky eater, but there was a time when I wanted to substitute a small side dish for a couple pieces of shrimp tempura, and my friend looked at me like I had ten heads. She had never heard of anyone doing something like that, so I have always left my mouth shut if there’s something I may not like. Usually if you at least try the food, it will make a good impression! It is rude to leave things on your plate, so try to finish everything! The portions of food are also a lot smaller here.

Oh, and if you are eating noodles, slurp away!! It is a sign of respect. In Japan, if the cook can hear you slurping your noodles, it shows that you are enjoying your meal!! This is something that takes some getting used to!!


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